Refer a client to us and you will receive a
percentage of every order they place…FOR LIFE!

We get clients, you get money and they get high end services. Win-Win-Win.

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Our Referral Companies

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Signature Printing Solutions
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Signature Printing Solutions

4 Easy Steps

  • 1.) Talk to your Friends or Clients

    Determine clients or friends that could use our services. Let them know you have someone excellent you can recommend.

  • 2.) Send a referral form

    Ask them if you can have us contact them, and get their names, phone and email and send it our way.

  • 3.) We Follow up

    We contact them via the service they need. Take them through how we can help them.

  • 4.) You Get Paid

    After they purchase a service or item, we add that to your account. Once you reach a minimum of $50.00 collected, we pay you.

How Much Do We Pay?

The pay out amount depends on which company the client purchases from. Each company has its own percentage that is determined by the amount the client purchases.

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Partner with DeToto Ventures

Partner with us in order to receive a percentage payout for LIFE. This is not a typo. We really mean for life. What does that mean? That means as long as the client that you referred to us is a client of ours, you will always get a percentage of their sales.

Why Refer Us?

Our company is dedicated to giving the highest quality materials at the lowest price. Your referral is sure to love their product/service and will come back for sure!